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Footgolf emerged as a result of decrease in popularity of golf, where many golf courses were being closed because they were running out of business due to fewer golf players, and those that introduced the game in their golf courses were able to save their business. The World Golf Federation noticed how this sport was helping golf courses in increasing their revenue and realized that the sport would alternatively increase golf interest. Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) is the recognized organization that governs footgolf in the world.

Footgolf origin has proved to be uncertain but it started gaining popularity in the United States of America during late 1920’s and early 1930’s many countries like the Swiss and the Scandinavians have been playing the game since 1980’s under different name and even rules. However, it was officially launched in Netherlands in 2008.

Facts about FootGolfFootgolf combines the art of soccer and golf, it is played the same way as golf but the difference comes in whereby in footgolf they use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball and the pitch is wider, players compete who will reach the ball in the whole using the least number of shots. Footgolf players kick the ball with their own feet and don’t use clubs.

The preferred footgolf ball is a size five football because it is smaller and travels less distance compared to golf balls, the wholes of footgolf are 21 inch whole cups that comfortably accommodate the five-inch soccer ball. Footgolf can be played on a regular golf course where players tee off at the tee box crossing over the trees to the green, for a customized course for footgolf the grass must be specially trimmed to ensure smooth movement of the ball.

Some golf courses have also been noted to have golf holes and footgolf holes running perpendicular to each other specially designed to accommodate players of the two slightly different sports. The basis and premise of footgolf are so simple that many people wonder why it was not invented or introduced many years ago. Footgolf has spread its popularity over Europe and remains a foothold in America and in respect to the rate at which people are enjoying footgolf it is evident that it will spread over all the continents in a very short period.

The strategy of footgolf remains the same as golf as both players experience same challenges such as wind, trees, bunkers and bushes. Soccer shoes are not allowed in the course, tennis shoes or indoor shoes are the only equipment needed to play footgolf, many foot golfers have become addicted to the sport due to how interesting it is, it is unbelievable to experience soccer on a golf course and for soccer players with experience the game offers a platform to practice shooting and aiming skills and the best part you don’t have to worry about dribbling past anyone or being tackled, it’s like enjoying your day as you practice shooting. If anyone is wondering where to find a golf course there are an average of 30 footgolf courses in the United States and a couple more in Europe.