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Golf is a beautiful sport that only a diehard fan will truly understand. And part of this beauty comes from understanding the intricacies of every tournament that takes place in the golf universe. In fact, after watching enough golf tournaments, you will find yourself drawing some relevant comparisons. Inevitably, you will realize that some tournaments are just on a league of their own. In fact, there exist the most prestigious tournaments in golf, and every fan aspires to watch at least one of these live.

The PGA Tour is probably the most relevant place to look for these great and incomparable tournaments. That said, we’ve done the dirty work and compiled a list of must-watch golf tournaments you simply have to include in your bucket list. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing: The 5 most prestigious tournaments in golf!

Famous Golf Tournaments1. THE U.S. OPEN

This is hands down where the greatest players in the sport build their careers and reputations. This is a place that gets even the golf virtuosos sweating. Winged Foot, Oakmont, Bethpage, Pinehurst, wherever they decide to hold the Us Open, make sure you attend at least once. You will thank us later.

Famous Golf Tournaments2. BRITISH OPEN

Following in a close second to the US Open is the British Open. The British Open is basically like mixing golf with a very interesting history class. The British Open is played at some pretty interesting courses. Add to that Britain’s unpredictable weather and you have got something bound to keep you hooked right to the very end. St. Andrews, Turnberry, Carnoustie, these are beautiful fairways and you will enjoy seeing them live just as much as you’ll enjoy seeing the players struggle with them.

Famous Golf Tournaments3. THE MASTERS

Augusta National Club has become a pretty iconic place in the world of golf. Their pimento sandwiches are great! But that’s not what makes it so famous among golfers and golf fans alike. It’s the great course.
There are few greens in the world to rival this one. And some of the challenges, the approaches, are the most difficult experienced by golfers in the world. And that’s saying something. In the list of prestigious golf tournaments, the Masters are simply a darling!

Famous Golf Tournaments4. PEBBLE BEACH NATIONALS (AT&T PRO-AM)

Pebble Beach, The Monterey Peninsula, and Spyglass come together here to give you the most gratifying visual experience you will likely ever have. The blend of the shore and the sea is just, for lack of a more fitting word, remarkable. It also contains one of the most prolific holes in photographs, the short seventh hole. The 18th is exquisite, at Carmel Bay and creates a fitting end to the course. Spyglass holds its own unique set of surprises, as many golfers will grudgingly agree. Monterey Peninsula, on the other hand, is a diamond in the rough, but it’s been getting some good publicity due to the tournament.

Famous Golf Tournaments5. THE PLAYERs CHAMPIONSHIP

The last tournament on this list features Pete Dy’s design work. Truly a masterpiece, you’ll love the Stadium Course. This is actually one of the best courses in the world, in terms of difficulty and scenic views as well as accessibility to spectators. You’ll love watching players trying to work their way around this course without going crazy.

So there you have it, the 5 most prestigious tournaments in golf that you simply have to attend. I can assure you, making it to any one of these is every golf fan’s dream and achieving it will give you the euphoria of a lifetime. I know all of them are on my bucket list so I’m hoping to see you at one of them at least. Keep teeing!