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Did you know that your phone is more powerful than the computers that powered the Apollo 11 spacecraft that first landed on the moon? Fun fact, huh! Well, we’re here to tell you that all that computing power can be combined with your passion for golf to give you your own personal assortment of golf professionals. These will help you with everything from the psychology required to succeed on the course to measuring the accurate distance from tee to hole.

There’s an army of apps out there, all fighting for your attention and trying to prove themselves the best to solve your golfing needs. It can feel like navigating a jungle trying to look for the right one. So we went out on a limb and did the heavy lifting for you. We combed through a whole load of apps and finally came up with what we consider an exquisite masterpiece. Here it is: The top 7 golf apps every player should try!

The Most Recommended Golfing Apps1. VISULAX GOLF

You probably know just how expensive a personal sports psychologist can be. Well, what if I told you I know one that will cost you a one-time fee of $5? Unbelievable, huh? They exist, but they’re not human. Although word on the course is they’re just as good. Enter Visulax Golf. From relaxation tips to working on your distractions, visulax gives you the full monty and then some. It even lets you keep track of your progress and take notes.

The Most Recommended Golfing Apps2. SWINGSMART

Speaking of professionals coming in at affordable prices, have you heard of SwingSmart? Peter Kostis of CBS fame has made a library of videos to help you improve your swing by pointing out small mistakes you should avoid as well as things to do to improve your swing. This beautiful little package comes in at only $250.

The Most Recommended Golfing Apps3. GOLF RULES QUICK REFERENCE

Golf Rules Quick Reference helps you sort out any rules related squabbles quickly and easily by having a handy book of rules to refer to. In a few seconds, you can get all the latest rules including any changes to rules and solve any disputes you might have on the course. A tool known as a Relief Finder will also ensure you know once and for all if that free drop is for you.

The Most Recommended Golfing Apps4. GOLFSHOT GPS

For $30, Golfshot will harness the modern power of satellites and Google maps to map out any course you ask it to. With zooming capabilities and positioning to allow for distance estimation, Golfshot allows you to keep accurate track of your drives and shots.

The Most Recommended Golfing Apps5. GAME GOLF

Gamegolf is absolutely free! You may be familiar with it as the device used by professional to keep track of their games. Well, there’s an app for it as well now. The app will give you data on scrambling, dispersion, average distance per club and so on, allowing you to keep a tight grip on your game.

The Most Recommended Golfing Apps6. SKYDROID GOLF

With over 20,000 courses preloaded, Skydroid is your ideal caddie, getting you well acquainted with almost every course there is in the world; for all of $2! And just in case the course you’re interested in isn’t on the app, the Course Mapper will map the course for you and load it into your phone. Now that’s a good caddie!


And we finish on a lighter note with an app that actually allows you to play golf in a virtual environment. The game is free and allows you to play against your buddies in a realistic virtual environment and comparing your stats against other players around the world in the leader boards.

Bottom Line

Try these apps to enhance your golfing life and see where things go. At the very least, they’ll enhance your game and might just be what you need to effectively work on your handicap.