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If you are taking your first steps into the paintball world, it is crucial that you end up with a good paintball gun that suits your skill level. In order to get the most out of the paintball experience from the start, you should invest in high-quality paintball gun that allows you to get the feel of how a paintball gun functions and how the game is played. It makes no sense to storm out and buy the most advanced and expensive equipment available only to realize that paintball is not for you. However, if you do your homework and research what kit is available for beginners, you can be well on your way to hit the bulls eye every time you pull the trigger. Have a look at the article below and see if any of the markers here fit your style and needs.

Tippman 98 Paintball Gun

Top 3 Paintball Guns for Beginners The Tippman 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball gun is commonly counted in the list of the top 3 paintball guns for beginners. Evolved from the Model 98, the Tippman 98 proves to be much more efficient and effective with tons of awesome features and qualities than its previous model. It’s a fantastic piece of kit for beginners and current owners are extremely happy with its performance. One of its greatest benefits is that this gun does not require a regular cleaning process like the other markers. The Tippman 98 is the sturdiest guns available in the market and can be customized extensively. Moreover, it comes with variable upgrades. One of the exclusive features showered upon the Tippman 98 is the fact it can easily resist rolls, crawls, falls and even inclement weather. The use of superior metal quality imparts comfort while gripping both in the front and rear.

The two halved splitting of the marker in Tippman 98 makes it easier for the player to inspect and tinker the internal mechanism of the gun. With a perfectly sized trigger, the Tippman 98 Custom allows you to shoot extremely accurately. Compared to all other markers, the Tippman 98 uses less air and rattles off up to almost 8 shots a second. This gun has a number of upgrades with different variations with much easier installation techniques. A few of these extensive upgrades are response triggers, cyclone feed, drop forwards, expansion chambers, electronic conversion kits, electronic grips, high-end barrels and custom shrouds. It is safe to conclude that the Tippman 98 is probably the best entry-level paintball gun on the market.

Tippmann US Army Paintball Gun

Top 3 Paintball Guns for Beginners A military grade paintball marker that surely is among the top 3 paintball markers for beginners, the Tippmann US Army is perfect for those who love the art of haunting and hunting from afar. The Aluminum barrel of the gun is sturdy and stable which provides high accuracy in taking down targets. The frame of the gun is lightweight that makes it easy to carry and provides the extra edge. The push button volt removal system makes the Tippmann  US Army easy to clean and the internal mechanism is accessible just by the mere by pressing a button on the marker’s side. This paintball marker comes handy in various types of battle situations as the player can switch between various firing modes with ease and the ramping feature, along with semi shooting mode provides quick and easy firing.

The Empire Axe Paintball is highly consistent and reliable. Even the trigger is of superior built compared to the other guns on the market. The space between fore-grip and trigger guard is just perfect and makes the shooting process a lot easier. The extended grip frame is very comfortable to hold and the shooting experience becomes both smooth and flawless. It fires quietly and comes at a very quick pace without any kind of mechanical hassles. With the o-rings touching the bolt-seat and the bolts adequately lubed, the gun provides the action without any recoil.

Empire Axe Marker

Top 3 Paintball Guns for Beginners The Empire Axe Marker is one of the top beginner’s paintball guns that is sold in the market today. It shares its superiority with other high-end markers such as the FX, Ego, Reflex and Etek. The finest quality of the gun lies in its shooting technology and type. Once you pull the trigger, the shots fire quickly and easy. There is no delay or struggle in the process of rattling off of shots. The presence of the specially designed anti-chop eyes and the extremely low operating pressure enable players to shoot extremely accurate shots. The Empire Axe is featured with variable shooting styles such as semi, PSP ramping and Millenium ramping. The gun passes the tests of consistency with flying colors.

The Empire Axe is a hoseless marker which makes it possible for the baller to ignore and forget any kind of trouble related to hose malfunctioning. This marker has an amazingly smooth finish and has a frame with well-crafted wrap around style grips in order to make sure of the player’s tight hold. The maintenance procedures of the Empire Axe too are quite simple. The marker’s side has a button which needs to be pressed in order to get access to the engine. This patent design of the Axe increases the assembling and reassembling the parts. Overall, the Empire Axe it is a very comfortable marker to hold and use with superiority in every field.

Final Thoughts

As we did mention above, it is important that you do your own research in order to ensure that you end up with a market that suits your skill level. All the items listed above are extremely popular and have received top-rated reviews from users all over the world. There are many things to consider before you invest in a paintball marker. For example, what type of field will you play in and is your plan to play in a team or go solo? The bottom line is to pick a gun that is easy to operate and allows you to become a better shooter.